12/5/2007 - Site was down due to some PHP changes on migrated host. Back up and running, good as new.

10/3/2006 - A small update for once. I added a new BF related program, and an updated patch for Civilization 2.
Updated:Civ2 Patch

4/3/2006 - It's been awhile since I added something, but I decided to write a small little utility for reading boot sectors.

2/17/2006 - Another update to UrbanDead Map, now has a toolbar for zooming and navigating.
Updated:UrbanDead Map

2/16/2006 - Small update fixing a few problems in UrbanDead Map, and a few extra features.
Added:UrbanDead Map

2/15/2006 - Today I added a useful little tool that I wrote for working with regular expressions. For those that haven't heard of regular expressions, they are an elegant way to express textual patterns and textual substitution manipulations. Regular expressions are very powerful, but are sometimes difficult to write. RegEx Tool is a program designed to make working with regular expressions less painful.
Added:RegEx Tool

12/20/2005 - I added a joystick interface library today, something that was going to be part of a more generalized Joystick Mapper program. They Joystick Mapper program isn't as effective as I thought it'd be, but I'm publishing the joystick library anyway.

11/19/2005 - A few random updates over the past week or so. I added three new items, all of very different nature. One is a mod for unreal tournament, another is a binary modification (aka crack) for Civ2 which "modernizes" the executable, and the third is a small utility I wrote. I'm also doing some minor site redesigning, adding some advertisements (please click!) and moving some of the news items to a second page.
Added:Liudeemer Arena, Civ2 Patch, MonsterKill

10/1/2005 - Back from the internship, added a little image converter.

7/22/2005 - Updated font2png to add unicode support

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