Title: UrbanDead Map
OS: Win32
Language: C#

Note: If you are having trouble running this program, make sure you have the .Net framework 2.0 installed. This is available from

UrbanDead Map is a program that displays a zoomable/scrollable map of the city of urban dead. The map can be zoomed out to see an overall view of the suburbs, and zoomed in to a suburb to see individual blocks. Police stations, fire stations, and hospitals are appropriately color coded. Necrotech facilities are not color coded (possibly in a future version if someone requests this feature).

Dragging the map alows you to scroll around the city. Holding the right mouse button and dragging up and down controls the zoom level. Certain zoom levels are extremely cpu intensive (due to lots of text being drawn on the screen at once with alpha blending) but I don't think it should be a problem for anyone. If anyone has problems with the program running too slow, let me know and I can write an optimized version that prerenders the text. I'm too lazy to optimize it unless there is actually a need.

There are two data files included, map.txt and suburb.txt that must be in the same folder as the executable.

UPDATE: Version 1.1

Two bugs with the zooming have been fixed (Thanks ames), and new color coding has been added for malls, the armoury, and the zoo.

Update: Version 1.2

Added a toolbar with zoom buttoms and a way to jump directly to a location. (Thanks Steven). I wasn't able to improve performance however.

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