Title: Passfinder
OS: Win32
Language: C++

Dr. Slush's Password Retrieval Utility, just what the doctor ordered! Have a password that you can't read due to asterisks? Simply load the program and point at the password box. The password will magically appear in the password box. Quite useful if you loose a password, but have it saved in a program. (NOTE: This works on all saved passwords with Internet Explorer! Quite useful!).

UPDATE: I don't think it works in explorer any more.

UPDATE 2: I think this won't work on newer programs written for Windows XP, since there is a new flag for password field text boxes that only allows the parent process to get the text, and on top of that, most programs are smart enough not to put the saved password back into the password field anymore. AIM fixed this a few months ago, for instance. I could write a program that injects itself into the other process's address space, but I don't think the program is all that useful anymore.

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