Title: Nes.Net
OS: Win32 (.Net),
Language: C#
File: is an NES emulator written completely in C#. This makes the emulator code completely portable (with the exception of the Windows.Forms code) so the emulator will eventually be able to run in a Mono environment.

The emulator is being written by Jason Ganetsky and myself, Tim Misiak. We decided to write an emulator for fun, and we chose C#.Net as our development platform because it hasn't been done before in C#.

Currently, the emulator supports only non memory-mapped games (24K and 40K), but adding memory mappers shouldn't be too hard the way we've designed the engine. Graphics are drawn on a scanline basis, so most (some) parallax effects should work Our timings are believed to be extremely accurate for the CPU, since this was a priority from the beginning.

Future work on the emulator will probably include support for the "4-screen" mode used in mario 3, support for sound, and support for memory mappers.

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