Title: InfoCenter
OS: Win32 (.Net)
Language: C#

This program displays a little draggable tab at the top of the screen which fades to be slightly transparent (the amount is configurable) when the mouse is not over the tab. The zip code is configurable through the right-click property menu. The weather is retrieved from, through HTTP. It's likely that the weather channel will change the format of the weather on their webpage eventually, at which time this program will stop working; however, I've been using it for months without a problem.

4/19/07 - UPDATE: This program doesn't work anymore. Don't bother trying.

9/25/04 - UPDATE: I finally got around to fixing my program. The change needed to parse the data was actually quite minor, but I've added some other functionality to make the program more stable. I may continue to work on infocenter for a while and then post a 2.1 update.

1/24/04 - UPDATE: Unfortunately, my predicition was quite accurate. The program has stopped working, and will not work until I update the program, which may happen eventually. I'll probably try to get the data from another source, one that uses a more standard format or something.

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